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  • Deep Learning Research Intern
    USA (Remote)
    February 2021–Present
    • Proposed CarneliNet, a new speech recognition model with adjustable inference resource requirements.
    • Sped up training of falgship model by 30% with efficient masking and automatic mixed precision tweaks.
    • Contributor to the NVIDIA's NeMo open source project for conversational AI.
    • Python, PyTorch
    NeMo contributions Preprint
  • Software Engineering Intern
    UK (Remote)
    Summer 2020
    • Designed and launched a pipeline to perform a continuous static code analysis of 2 Million Play Store apps that helps to drive non-SDK interface restrictions.
    • Participated in Android’s Inclusive Language Fix It.
    • Java, C++, MapReduce
    Fix It Contributions
  • Software Engineering Intern
    Summer 2019
    • Increased relevance of recommendations in the internal marketing tool by inferring missing metadata of hundreds of documents with modern NLP DL approaches.
    • Go, Python, TensorFlow, SQL, App Engine
  • Software Engineering Intern
    Summer 2018
    • Designed and implemented a library to transform 3D data into format suitable for existing Street View Deep Learning models.
    • Increased throughput of a distributed 3D rendering pipeline.
    • C++, OpenGL
  • SWE Intern in R&D deparment
    December 2017 – May 2018
    • Implemented and compared several physically based skin deformation simulation models for 3D characters.
    • Houdini, VEX, Python
  • Software Engineering Intern
    Summer 2017
    • Developed a text classification model for the YouTube content rating system.
    • Launched the model as a real-time production microservice.
    • Python, Tensorflow, C++
  • Software Engineering Intern
    Summer 2016
    • Designed experiments and implemented YouTube-scale distributed pipelines to quantify importance of graph features for YouTube language classifiers.
    • C++, MapReduce, TensorFlow, SQL