Short Bio

Ph.D. student at Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA), working with Chris Wojtan.

Recipient of Ilya Segalovich Scholarship in 2017 and 2018.

Research interests: physically-based modelling and animation, deep learning and design of efficient algorithms and data structures.

Previous affairs: Deep Learning Research Intern and Software Engineering Intern at NVIDIA and Google.


Research & Projects


  • Direct Simulation Monte Carlo for New Regimes in Aggregation-Fragmentation Kinetics

    Aleksei Kalinov, Alexander Osinsky, Sergey Matveev, Wendi Otieno, Nikolai Brilliantov
    Journal of Computational Physics. 2022
    Source Code Paper (Journal) Paper (arxiv)
  • Machine Learning-Assisted PAPR Reduction in Massive MIMO

    Aleksei Kalinov, Roman Bychkov, Andrey Ivanov, Alexander Osinsky, Dmitry Yarotsky
    IEEE Wireless Communications Letters. 2021


  • Direct Simulation Monte Carlo and Oscillations in Aggregation-Fragmentation Kinetics

    Aleksei Kalinov
    Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods in Scientific Computing (MCQMC). 2022
  • Distributed Numerical Modelling of Higher-Dimensional Caustics in Compton Scattering

    Aleksei Kalinov, V. Yu. Kharin, S. G. Rykovanov
    IX Conference for Young Researchers "Elementary Particle Physics and Cosmology". 2021

Exploratory Projects

  • "We're not alone" Shader

    Aleksei Kalinov
    Shadertoy. 2020
  • Graph Convolutional Networks Modifications

    Mikhail Salnikov*, Anastasia Remizova*, Aleksei Kalinov*, Mark Griguletskii*, Igor Markov*
    ML Course project. 2020
  • WESPE Paper Reproduction

    Aleksei Kalinov*, Denis Belyakov*
    DL Course project. 2019
    Report Source Code
  • Skin simulation model

    Aleksei Kalinov, Alexander Smirnov, Vladimir Starchenko
    Internship project. 2018